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The model of Jaculus-link is split into three layers:

  1. Data link layer
  2. Routing layer
  3. Communicator layer

The data link is responsible for transmitting data along with channel identifiers. The data link provided in this library is implemented in the Mux class, which multiplexes 256 channels on a single stream connection.

It is possible to use other implementations which use different protocols, provided that they implement the DataLinkTx interface for transmission and provide a way to connect them to a DataLinkRx for processing received data.

Routing layer

The routing layer is responsible for routing received data to the consumer of the channel. The routing layer is implemented in the Router class.

A Router instance can be connected to multiple data links and will route data from all of them to the appropriate consumer with the information about the link it was received from. It also allows sending data to a specific link and channel.

Communicator layer

The communicator layer is used as an abstraction layer for communicating through channels. Typically, the communicator is associated with a single channel and provides either an interface for sending data or receiving data.

Communicators used for receiving data from a Router must implement the Consumer interface, which allows them to be subscribed to a specific channel on a Router instance. They must process the received data without blocking, preferably only by storing the data in a buffer and processing it later.

Communicators that send data access the Router instance directly and send data to a specific channel on a specific link (or links).

The provided communicator types are:

  • OutputStreamCommunicator - sends data as a stream of bytes
  • InputStreamCommunicator - receives data as a stream of bytes
  • OutputPacketCommunicator - sends data while exposing the underlying data framing
  • InputPacketCommunicator - receives data while exposing the underlying data framing

The communicators for the Router class are implemented in jac/link/routerCommunicator.h